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Will the light box be made into an acrylic cosmetic display?


The colorfulness of advertising light boxes is displayed in every orientation of shopping malls, squares and exhibition halls. The light shines and the colors bloom, leaving behind many customers. This scene also conceives the thinking of some businessmen. Can we Light boxes made of acrylic display stand to show our products?
Most of the advertising light boxes are fixed by walls or booms, or they stand upright on top of an object and advertised in an invisible way. The appearance of the acrylic display - the use of laminated lights makes advertisements better applied in intangible publicity. The use of our laminate lamp structure in the acrylic cosmetics display cabinet not only allows your product to be displayed in a colorful abstract space, but also enhances the product's grade. The laminate lamp is made of acrylic plate with engraving light guide plate and LED light source. The composition is simple in appearance, but it is not lack of fashionable elements. The simple shape allows you to display infinite charm in a limited space. This light box is suitable for various showcases and dressing rooms in shopping malls, and can also be applied in public places such as banks. What a practical and beautiful lamp

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